Confirm that the recommended ink tanks are installed properly MP990

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Confirm that the recommended ink tanks are installed properly.


Ink Tank

When replacing the ink tanks, confirm that the new ink tanks are installed properly. If the ink tanks are not locked into place, paper may not be fed properly, or ink may not be supplied to the print head.

Recommended Ink Tanks:

Install ink tanks in the correct order (from left to right)

CLI-221M (Magenta) CLI-221BK (Black) CLI-221GY (Gray) PGI-220BK (Black) CLI-221C (Cyan) CLI-221Y (Yellow)

  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on and open the paper output tray (2) will open.

  2. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. (The print head will move to the replacement position.)

    Note: When the scanning unit (printer cover) is opened more than ten minutes, the print head moves to the right side. If this occurs, close the scanning unit (printer cover), and open it again.

  3. Press on the tab (A) to release the ink tank, then remove it from its slot (B). If you are replacing multiple ink tanks, make sure to replace one by one.

  4. Confirm the ink tank has been removed from its packaging, pull the orange tape in the direction of the arrow to peel it off, then remove the film .

    Caution: Make sure that the film is completely removed from the air hole (C). If the air hole is blocked, ink may leak out or may not eject properly.

  5. Insert the front end of ink tank into the Print Head at a slant.

    1. Make sure that the position of the ink tank matches the label.

    2. Press the mark (Push) on the ink tank until the ink tank snaps firmly into place.

      Make sure that the ink lamp lights up red.

  6. Ensure that all the ink tanks are installed properly and the ink tank lamps light red.

    Ink Tank Lamp
    You can check the status of each ink tank according to the way its lamp flashes.

    • - On: The printer is ready to print.

    • - Slow flashing (at about three second interval): Ink is low. Prepare a new ink tank.

    • - Fast flashing (at about one second interval): Ink tank is empty, or the printer is not ready due to an error.

    • - Off: An error has occurred and the printer is not ready to print.

  7. Close the scanning unit (cover) gently.


    1. When closing the scanning unit (printer cover), be careful not to jam your finger.

    2. When starting printing next time, the print head cleaning launches automatically.



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