Configure the printer driver to the correct port - MP990

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Configure the printer driver to the correct port - MP990


Configure the Port Correctly

While the Power lamp is flashing green, the machine is initializing. Wait until the Power lamp stops flashing and remains lit green.

* In the following instructions, "XXX" signifies your machine's name.
1. Log on as a user account with administrator privilege.
2. Click Control Panel, then Printer under Hardware and Sound.
In Windows XP, click Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, then Printers and Faxes.
In Windows 2000, click Control Panel then Printers.
3. Right-click the Canon XXX Printer icon, then select Properties.
4. Click the Ports tab to confirm the port settings.
Make sure that a port named USBnnn (where "n" is a number) with Canon XXX Printer appearing in the Printer column is selected for Print to the following port(s).
If the port setting is not correct, reinstall the MP Drivers or change the port setting according to the interface you are using.
When the machine is used over LAN, the port name of the machine is displayed as "CNBJNP_xxxxxxxxxx".
* "xxxxxxxxxx" is the character string generated from the MAC address or a character string specified by the user when setting up the machine.



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