Importing new templates into PosterArtist 2008 (or later).

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To import a new template into PosterArtist, follow these steps.


To import a new template into PosterArtist, follow these steps:

  1. Click on [File] and select [Import...].

    The [Import] browse window opens.

  2. Browse to where the template was saved. Select the template and click the [Open] button.

    NOTE: Template files end with the extension ".cpt".

  3. The [Templates] Confirmation window will appear. Click [No] to create a new folder.

    NOTE: The default folder location for imports in PosterArtist is "Business". If you do not wish to import to that folder, click [No]. It will import the template into a new folder called "Business (1)". If the folder "Business (1) already exists, it will create "Business (2)", etc.

  4. Click the [Artwork Manager] icon to open the [Artwork Manager] window.

    The [Artwork Manager] window opens.

  5. Slide the scroll bar to the bottom and you will see the new folder "Business (1)". Click on the folder and you will see the template displayed in the right pane of the window.

  6. You can now move the imported template to any folder you choose. For example, to move the new template to the folder I had created ("Imports"), simply click on the template and drag it to the new folder.

    You will notice that the folder "Business (1)" is now a light gray. That is because the folder is now empty.

    NOTE: An alternate method to dragging is simply clicking on the template and using the buttons at the bottom right corner of the window ([Cut], [Paste], etc.). You can also use standard windows commands such as [Ctrl C], and [Ctrl V]. Right mouse clicking also works.

  7. Once you have moved the template, you can remove the "Business (1)" folder by clicking on it and then clicking on the [Delete] button beneath it (or right-clicking on it and selecting "Delete" from the menu that appears).



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