Procedure for setting exposure compensation PowerShot.

Article ID: ART129519 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Adjusting the Exposure Compensation

Adjust the exposure compensation setting to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background or to avoid making lights appear too bright in night shots. This function is available in the Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Kids & Pets, SCN (Special Scene Mode) Stitch Assist, P, Av, and Tv modes.

  1. Press the / <> button to display the exposure compensation bar.
  2. Use the <control dial> to adjust the exposure compensation.

    • The settings can be adjusted in 1/3 steps in the range 2 to +2.
    • You can confirm the effect of the setting in the LCD monitor when it is on.
    • You can shoot right after selecting a value. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you to change the settings easily.
  3. Reset the exposure compensation by returning the setting to "0".
  • This function is not available in the (Auto), Movie, or the Manual mode.



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