Using the HF-DC1 flash with the PowerShot.

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Using an Externally Mounted Flash (Sold Separately)

High Power Flash HF-DC1

This is an attachable supplementary flash. Photographic subjects that are too distant for the built-in flash to illuminate may be captured using the High-Power Flash. Affix the High-Power Flash to the camera using the bracket as shown below. Please also refer to the user's manual supplied with the flash.

  • The High-Power Flash will not fire in the following situations:
    -When shooting in M
    When the Flash Adjust is set to [Manual]
  • The flash charge time will lengthen as the battery charge gets weaker. Always set the power/mode switch to [OFF] when you finish using the flash.
  • Be careful not to touch the flash window or sensor windows with your fingers while the flash is in use.
  • In outdoor settings in the daylight, the flash may not detect illumination from the camera's built-in flash and may not fire.
  • The flash may fire if another flash is being used in close proximity.
  • The flash may not fire if there are no reflective items in its metering field.
  • For continuous shooting, although the flash fires for the first shot, it does not fire for subsequent shots.
  • If the battery usage time has considerably diminished, wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth as the terminals may be soiled with oil from one's skin or other dirt.
  • If the battery is used in cold regions (0oC/32oF or lower), you are recommended to carry a spare lithium battery (CR123A or DL123). Keep the spare battery warm in your pocket until immediately before using it, and exchange it frequently with the battery in the flash.
  • Remove the battery from the flash and store it in a dry and cool location if you will not use it for extended periods. Leaving it in the flash could lead to the battery leaking and damaging the flash.
  • Fasten the attachment screws securely so that they do not loosen. Failure to do so may lead to the dropping of the camera and flash resulting in damage to .
  • Before affixing the bracket to the flash, check that the lithium battery (CR123A or DL123) is installed.
  • To illuminate the subjects properly, install the flash so that it is up against the side of the camera and parallel with the camera's front panel.
  • A tripod can be used even when the flash is attached.



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