Explanation of how to use focus lock with a PowerShot

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Explanation of how to use focus lock with a PowerShot


Shooting with Focus Lock

It may be difficult to focus on the following types of subjects. Use the focus lock in these situations.

  • Subjects with extremely low contrast to the surroundings
  • Subjects with extremely bright objects at the center of the composition
  • Subjects that are moving quickly
  • Subjects through glass : Try to shoot as close to the glass as possible to reduce the chances of light reflecting back off the glass.

Focus Lock Method 1

  1. Aim the camera so that an object at the same focal distance as the main subject is centered in the AF frame on the LCD monitor.
  2. Press the shutter button halfway and wait until two beeps sound. Continue pressing the shutter button halfway.
  3. Re-aim the camera to compose the shot as desired and press the shutter button all the way.
  • The AE setting will also lock when you do this. The exposure may occasionally be incorrect if the difference between the two items is too great. Use Method 2 when this happens.

If the camera cannot focus when you press the shutter button halfway, the AF frame will turn yellow and will appear.



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