Using the Address Book Key (Fax)

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Using the Address Book Key (Fax)


Using the Address Book Key (Fax)

[Address Book] search enables you to search for a recipient registered in the machine. This is useful when you forget which one-touch key or coded dial code the recipient you want is registered under.

  • To use this feature, you must register destinations in the one-touch keys or coded dial codes beforehand.
  • A maximum of 201 destinations can be specified at the same time. (out of the 200 destinations, a number or address can be specified with - , [numeric keys] and [Tone]). If you specify a group, which is made up of several destinations, each destination in the group is counted as a separate address.

1. Place documents.

2. Press [SEND/FAX] / [FAX].

3. Press [SEND/FAX] repeatedly to select <FAX>, then press [OK].

For the D1150, skip this step.

4. Press [Address Book] repeatedly to select <NAME SEARCH> or <ADD/TEL SEARCH>, then press [OK].

  • <NAME SEARCH>: Searches a destination by name.
  • <ADD/TEL SEARCH>: Searches a destination by fax number.
  • If no recipient is registered in the Address Book, <NOT REGISTERED> is displayed.

5. Use - , [numeric keys] to enter the first letter of the recipient's name or the first part of the fax number.

For example, if you want to search for a name that starts with the letter "C", press (ABC). Entries starting with the letter you entered are displayed if any entries are registered. You can switch the input mode by pressing [Tone].

  • [:A]: Letter mode
  • [:1]: Number mode

6. Press or to search for the recipient.

  • : Displays recipients in alphabetical order.
  • : Displays recipients in reverse order.

7. When the desired recipient is displayed, press [OK].

8. Press [Start].

When you place the documents on the platen glass, press or to select the document size, then press [Start] for each document. When scanning is complete, press [OK] to start sending.


When <TIME OUT> is set to <ON> in <TX SETTINGS> in <FAX SETTINGS> in <TX/RX SETTINGS>, and if you have specified the destination by any other method than using - , [numeric keys] and [Tone], the machine starts scanning automatically without pressing [Start], after the preset time for this setting is elapsed.

You can also adjust the following scan settings as necessary, using the keys on the operation panel, after specifying the destination in step 7.

  • Density
  • Image Quality
  • 2-Sided



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