Install the Print Head and Ink Tanks - MX860

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Install the Print Head and Ink Tanks - MX860


Install the Print Head and Ink Tanks

Install the Print Head

  1. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover), then hold it open with the Scanning Unit Support (A).

    The Print Head Holder moves to the replacement position.

  2. Raise the Print Head Lock Lever (E).

    Caution : Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever until it stops. (The Print Head Lock Lever may feel heavy.)

    Note : If the Print Head Holder does not move, make sure that the machine is turned on.

  3. Remove the Print Head from the silver package.

    Caution : There may be some transparent or light blue ink on the inside of the bag the Print Head comes in, or the inside of the protective cap - this has no effect on print quality. Be careful not to get ink on yourself when handling these items. Be careful not to stain your hands.

  4. Remove and discard the orange protective cap.

  5. Tilt the Print Head and set it in place. Lower the Print Head Lock Lever (E) completely.

    Caution : Do not knock the Print Head against the sides of the Holder.

    Be sure to install it in a well-lit environment.

    Pinch the Print Head Lock Lever firmly and lower it gently.

    Once you have installed the Print Head, do not remove it unnecessarily.

Install the Ink Tanks

  1. Pull the orange tape (1) in the direction of the arrow to peel off the protective film and remove the film (2) completely.

  2. While pressing down with your left thumb, twist off the orange protective cap (A) located on the bottom of the ink tank.

    Caution : Do not hold the sides of the ink tank; ink may splash.

  3. Install the Ink Tank

    Press the PUSH mark on the ink tank until it clicks into place.

    Make sure the Ink lamp lights red.

    Caution :Be sure to install it in a well-lit environment

    Important : Match the labels when installing.

  4. Install all the other ink tanks in the same way.

    Install all the ink tanks.

    Caution :Once you have installed the ink tanks, do not remove them unnecessarily.

    Important : Make sure all the Ink lamp lights red.

  5. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) slightly to set the Scanning Unit Support back to its original position, and gently close the Scanning Unit (Cover).



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