Remove foreign objects from Rear Tray - MX330

Article ID: ART130270 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Remove foreign objects from the printer's Rear Tray .


Check for Obstructions in the Rear Tray

If paper does not reach the Paper Edge Sensor, the LCD will show [There is no paper. Load paper and press OK].

  1. Power off the printer.

  2. Remove paper from the Rear Tray.

  3. Look in the Rear Tray area for an obstruction. If there is any foreign material (such as a piece of metal or pen) inside the printer, after turning the printer off and removing the power cord from the outlet, remove the foreign material by hand, or with tweezers.

  4. Open the scanning unit (printer cover) and confirm that there is no foreign material in the printer. If there is any foreign material, remove it.

    Note: Avoid touching inner parts.

  5. Close the scanning unit (printer cover).

    Note: When closing the scanning unit (printer cover), be careful not to jam your finger.

  6. Power on the printer and confirm that the printer operates normally.



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