Setting Digital Macro mode PowerShot SD960 IS.

Article ID: ART130369 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Magnified Close-Up Shooting (Digital Macro)

You can zoom in on close subjects. With the zoom lever set to the maximum wide angle, the possible shooting range is approximately 2 - 10 cm (0.79 in. - 3.9 ft.) from the end of the lens. However, you can zoom in even closer on the subject using the digital zoom.

The digital zoom may cause images to appear coarse at some recording pixel settings.

  • The digital macro mode cannot be used when the LCD monitor is turned off.
  • Be careful not to bang the lens against the subject when shooting in macro mode.

1. Select

Set the mode switch to . Next select then press the <FUNC./SET> button.

The optical zoom will lock at the maximum wide angle.

2. Choose the angle of view with the zoom lever and shoot.

- The zoom factor appears on the LCD monitor.

- Based on the number of recording pixels set, the Safety Zoom feature calculates the maximum zoom factor beyond which image quality will begin to deteriorate. The digital zoom pauses at this zoom factor for a moment, and appears on the LCD monitor. If you press the zoom lever toward (Telephoto) again, you can zoom in even closer. In this case, the displayed zoom factor changes from white to blue.

- You are recommended to attach the camera to a tripod and shoot in self-timer mode so that the camera does not move and blur the image.



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