Using Vista, you must use or install ZoomBrowser 6.3.1 in order to view RAW images.

Article ID: ART130385 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


For Windows Vista, the ZoomBrowser version 6.1.1A must be installed and not the later ZoomBrowser version 6.3. This is because the earlier version has the correct RAW Image Task compatible with this model camera. To download this version of ZoomBrowser please visit the [Download] tab of the support page for your camera. Then pick the Operating System (OS) from the drop down and choose to download the ZoomBrowser version 6.1.1A

The correct version of ZoomBrowser must be installed or used to view, convert, or apply editing to RAW images. Please install the version of ZoomBrowser that came with the camera or an updated version to view the RAW images. While other software companies and programs may offer compatibility we cannot offer support in using such applications. In order for the RAW images to be used outside our application it is recommended that you convert the RAW image into either the TIFF or JPEG format.



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