Setting Continuous Shooting mode PowerShot SX1 IS.

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Continuous Shooting

In this mode, the camera shoots continuously while the shutter button is held down. Recording ceases when the shutter button is released. In addition, under the following conditions, continuous shooting can occur at a consistent interval until the SD card is full*.

  • A resolution and compression combination other than and is selected.
  • The recommended SDC-512MSH SD card (sold separately) is used and formatted with a low level format.
    * This figure reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Actual figures may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions.
    * If continuous shooting suddenly stops, the SD card may be full.

Continuous shooting is available in all modes except [AUTO], [Stitch Assist], [Color Accent] and [Color Swap].

Standard Continuous Mode approx. 4.0 images/sec. Recommended when shooting continuously at a short shooting interval.

Continuous Shooting AF approx. 1.1 images/sec. Recommended when shooting continuously while confirming the subject. Continuous shooting is possible when the shutter button is held down, and focus can be adjusted during the shooting (not applicable when shooting with the AF lock).

Continuous Shooting LV (Live View) approx. 1.2 images/sec. You can shoot continuously with a manually set focus position while confirming the subject on the LCD monitor.

To set Continuous Shooting

  1. Press the button to display .

  2. Then press the or button to display , , .
  3. Shoot the image.

    The camera will continue to record successive images while the shutter button is fully pressed. Recording will cease when the shutter button is released, the card is full or the card does not support a write speed to allow continuous shooting to continue.

To Cancel Continuous Shooting

  1. Press the button to display .
To enhance the continuous shooting performance when you suspect the speed has dropped, you are recommended to format the SD card in the camera (Low Level Format) after you save all its images to your computer.
  • The interval between shots may lengthen slightly when the camera's built-in memory fills.
  • If the flash is firing, the interval between shots will lengthen to accommodate the flash's charging requirements.



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