Correct Poor Print Quality - PIXMA MP250 or MP270
Article ID: ART130570 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 03/18/2020


Resolve print quality issues such as blank, blurred, or streaked prints and incorrect colors on your PIXMA MP250 or MP270.


The issues below may happen when you print.

Check the table below to find causes and possible solutions for poor print quality. Please note some causes will not have a summary.
Cause Solution

Wrong paper and print quality settings.

  • Confirm the paper and print quality settings.

cartridge isn't installed properly

  • If the Ink cartridge locking cover isn't closed securely, ink may not be ejected correctly.

  • Open the scanning unit (cover), open the ink cartridge locking cover, then close the ink cartridge locking cover.

  • When you close the ink cartridge locking cover, push the ink cartridge locking cover until it clicks into place.

Ink does not eject properly from the print head nozzles.

Printer out of ink.

Printed on the wrong side of the paper.

  • Make sure to load the paper with the printable side face up.

  • If you print on the wrong side of the paper, you may get unclear prints or reduced quality.

  • Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the paper for detailed information on the printable side.

Dirty platen glass.

Document or photo isn't aligned properly on the platen glass.

Wrong side of the document or photo is loaded on the platen glass.

Copied a printout from the same machine.

  • For MP250 series only, reprint from the computer.

  • If you copy a document or image printed by this machine, print quality may be reduced.

Wrong print media thickness.

  • If you print on a thicker paper such as certain types of photo paper or envelopes, enable Prevent Paper Abrasion from the computer in the Custom Settings area of the Maintenance tab of the printer driver setup window (Windows) or the IJ Printer Utility (macOS®).

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