Procedure for using the optional rechargeable battery kit CBK4-300

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Procedure for using the optional rechargeable battery kit CBK4-300


Using Rechargeable Batteries

(Battery and Charger Kit CBK4-300)

This kit includes a battery charger and four rechargeable AA-size NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries. Charge batteries as shown below.

The charge indicator blinks while charging, then remains lit when charging is finished.

  • Although four batteries are supplied with the Battery and Charger Kit CBK4-300, this camera requires two batteries.
  • It takes approximately 110 minutes when two batteries are loaded one at each end of the charger and 250 minutes with four for the charger to fully recharge them (as determined by testing at Canon facilities). Please do not charge batteries in areas where the temperature is outside the range of 0 to 35oC (32 to 95oF).
  • Charging time varies according to ambient temperature and to the batteries' initial charge state.
  • The battery charger may emit noise while charging. This is not a malfunction.
  • This charger can be used only to charge Canon AA-size NiMH batteries NB-2AH. Please do not attempt to charge NB-2AH batteries in any other type of charger.
  • Never mix new batteries together with batteries that have been used in other devices.
  • When recharging batteries from the camera, always recharge of them at the same time.
  • Do not mix batteries with different purchase dates or different charge states.
  • Do not attempt to recharge fully charged batteries, as doing so may reduce or impair battery performance. Also, do not charge batteries for more than 24 consecutive hours.
  • Do not recharge batteries in enclosed areas that tend to retain heat.
  • Repeatedly recharging batteries before they become fully depleted may cause batteries to lose capacity. Do not recharge the batteries until the LCD monitor displays the "Change the batteries" message.
  • Wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth in the following situations, as the terminals may be soiled with oil from one's skin or other dirt:
    - If the battery usage time has considerably diminished
    - If the number of recordable images has considerably diminished
    - When charging the batteries (insert and remove the batteries two or three times before charging)
    - When charging completes in a matter of a few minutes (the battery charger indicator remains lit)
  • You may not be able to fully charge the batteries due to their specifications right after purchase or after long periods of nonuse. If this happens, use the batteries until their charge is depleted before charging them again. After doing this several times, battery performance will be restored.
  • Since storing fully charged batteries for long periods of time (about 1 year) can shorten their lifecycle or affect performance, you are recommended to use the batteries in the camera until they are completely discharged and to store them at normal temperature (0 to 30oC/32 to 90oF) or less. If you do not use the batteries for long periods of time, charge them fully and discharge them fully in the camera at least once a year before returning them to storage.
  • If battery usage time is considerably low despite their terminals being wiped and the battery charger's indicator remaining lit, it is possible that the batteries have reached the end of their lifespan. Switch to different, unused batteries. If you are purchasing new batteries, look for Canon's AA-size NiMH batteries.
  • Leaving batteries in the camera or charger may damage it causing battery leakage. Remove batteries from the camera or charger and store in a dry cool location when not in use.



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