Procedure for changing the image review time PowerShot SX200 IS.

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Reviewing an Image Right after Shooting

Right after a shot is taken, the image appears in the LCD monitor for 2 seconds even if you release the shutter button regardless of whether the LCD monitor is on or off.

You can also review it with the following procedures.

  • By keeping the shutter button pressed after a shot.
  • By pressing the <FUNC./SET> or <DISP.> button while the image is displayed on the LCD monitor

Press the shutter button halfway to stop displaying it so that you can shoot the next frame.

You can do the following while the image is displayed.
  • Check the image brightness in the histogram.
  • Erase the image.
  • Magnify the image in the display.

Changing the Review Duration

The default review time is 2 seconds.

The review function can be set to [Off] or changed to any time in the range of 2 to 10 seconds in one-second increments or set to [Hold] where the image will remain displayed until the shutter button is pressed.

1. In the (Shooting) mode. Press the <MENU> button and use the or buttons to select Review.

  • Use the or button to select [Off], or a time from [2 sec.] to [10 sec.].
  • With the [Off] option, the image will not automatically display. However, if you keep the shutter button fully pressed after a shot, the image will display.
  • In the [2 sec.] to [10 sec.] range, the image will continue to display for the specified time even if the shutter button is released. You can display the image for longer than the set duration by keeping the shutter button pressed all the way.

2. Press <MENU> again to return to the Rec. screen.



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