Adjusting the LCD screen on the VIXIA HF21

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Adjusting the LCD screen on the VIXIA HF21


You can set the brightness of the screen to dim, normal or bright.

Bright: When shooting outdoors where the LCD screen is difficult to see in sunlight.

Dim: When you shoot in dim environments where the LCD's illumination could be an annoyance.

You can switch between Normal and Bright by pressing the <DISP.> button for 2 seconds or longer while the power is on.


  • This setting does not affect the brightness of the recording.
  • Using the bright setting will shorten the effective usage time of the battery pack.

To decrease the brightness, set the [LCD Screen Dimmer] from the menu.

Setting the LCD Screen Dimmer

  1. Turn on the camcorder.

  2. Press the <> button.

  3. Use the joystick <> to select the [ Menu] and press <>.

  4. Use the joystick <> to select the [ System Configuration 1] .

  5. Use the joystick <> to set the [LCD Screen Dimmer] to [On], and then press the <>.

  6. Press the < > button to close the menu.
    - To turn off the LCD Screen Dimmer, change this setting to [Off] or press <DISP.> for 2 seconds or more.


  • If the camcorder is turned off and then on again with a compact power adapter connected, the dimmer function will be cancelled. If only the battery pack is used, the dimmer function will not be cancelled.

  • Dimming the LCD screen does not affect the brightness of your recordings or that of the playback image on a TV.

  • When the LCD screen dimmer is turned off, the screen's brightness returns to the previous setting.



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