Shooting in Video Snapshot Mode with the VIXIA HF S11

Article ID: ART130922 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Shooting in Video Snapshot Mode with the VIXIA HF S11


The Video Snapshot function allows you to shoot short scenes that last for approximately 4 seconds.

You can enjoy viewing movies as you play back Video Snapshot scenes along with music.

  1. Set the camera mode dial to < > or < > .

  2. Press < VIDEO SNAP > .
    - The button's blue light will turn on and a blue border appears on the screen.

  3. Press < START/STOP > .

    - The camcorder records for about 4 seconds (the blue frame serves as a visual progress bar) and then automatically returns to record pause mode.
    - When the camcorder stops recording, the screen will momentarily turn black as if a camera shutter had released.

    - In the movie index screen, video snapshot scenes are indicated with the [ ] mark.


Video snapshot is deactivated if the camcorder is switched to playback mode or if the camera mode dial is set to < > .



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