Incompatible Canon scanners for PosterArtist Quick Copy
Article ID: ART130978 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 09/29/2015


The following Canon scanners are not compatible with the Quick Copy feature of PosterArtist:

CanoScan FS2710
CanoScan FS4000US(USB)
CanoScan FS4000US(SCSI)
CanoScan D646U
CanoScan D660U
CanoScan D1230U
CanoScan D1250U2/D1250U2F
CanoScan D2400U
CanoScan FB1200S
CanoScan FB1210U
CanoScan FB310
CanoScan FB610
CanoScan FB320P/FB620P
CanoScan FB320U
CanoScan FB330P/FB630P
CanoScan FB620U
CanoScan FB620S
CanoScan FB630U/FB636U
CanoScan FB636U
CanoScan N1220U
CanoScan N340P/N640P
CanoScan N640P
CanoScan N650U/N656U
CanoScan LiDE 20/N676U
CanoScan LiDE 20/N670U/N676U
CanoScan LiDE 30/N1240U
CanoScan LiDE 50
CanoScan 2700F
CanoScan 300
CanoScan 600
CanoScan 3000/3000F
CanoScan 3200/3200F
CanoScan 5000/5000F
CanoScan 3200F
CanoScan 4200F
CanoScan 8000F
CanoScan 9900F
Canon MP700
Canon MP710
Canon MP730
Canon MP740
Canon MP360
Canon MP370
Canon MP375
Canon MP390