How to Set the Flash Functions by Camera Operation with the 270EX Speedlite

Article ID: ART131013 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Setting the Flash Functions by Camera Operation

When the 270EX is attached to an EOS DIGITAL camera with an external flash control function, you can make the following settings by camera menu operations. See the camera's instruction manual for the setting method and functions.
  • [Flash firing] (Enable* / Disable)

Set to [Disable] when you wish to use only the AF-assist beam

  • [External flash func. setting]

Flash mode (E-TTL II / Manual flash)

Normally, use [E-TTL Ill. [Manual flash] can also be set when not using autoflash

  • Shutter sync. (1st curtain* / 2nd curtain / High-speed)

- 1st curtain: This is the normal flash shooting mode in which the flash fires at the timing when the shutter is fully open.

- 2nd curtain: The flash fires right before the shutter closes.

- High-speed: This mode enables flash shooting at all shutter speeds. This is effective when you want to use aperture priority for fill-flash portraits.

  • Flash exp. comp

You can adjust the flash output level in the same way as normal exposure . compensation

  • E-TTL II (Evaluative* /Average)

- Evaluative: Fully automatic flash shooting can be performed, from dark scenes to fill-flash shooting.

- Average: Metering is averaged for the entire scene

  • [External flash C.Fn setting]

C.Fn-01. Auto power off (Enabled / Disabled)

C.Fn-06: Quick flash w/continuous shot (Disabled* / Enabled)

  • Default settings are indicated by *.



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