Procedure for playing back movies on a Macintosh Computer.

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  • To play back movies on a Macintosh computer, you need to install [ImageBrowser] from the supplied CD-ROM (Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk) beforehand.
  • The information provided here uses Mac OS X (version 10.4) and [ImageBrowser version 6.4] as examples. Depending on your Mac OS X or software version, the screen indications and operation procedures may differ slightly.
  • [ImageBrowser] can only play back movies that are in the [AVI (.AVI)] and [MOV (.MOV)] formats.
  • Please transfer the movies or images that you want to play back to your computer beforehand. For details on how to transfer movies to a computer, please refer to the following pages.

Playing back movies using [ImageBrowser]

1. Click the [ImageBrowser] icon in [Dock] (the task bar that is displayed at the bottom of the desktop).

If you do not see the [ImageBrowser] icon in [Dock], click [Go] in the menu bar, select [Applications] -> [Canon Utilities] -> [ImageBrowser], and then click [ImageBrowser] to start the software.

2. [ImageBrowser] starts, and the following window appears.

Click the [Favorite Folders] tab or the [All Folders] tab.

Select the folder where the target file is saved. (Movies are saved to the [Pictures] folder by default.)

Double-click the target movie.

3. The following window appears, and the selected movie is played back.

Click [Play] () to play the movie. (During movie playback, the [Pause] () button is displayed instead of the [Play] () button)



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