How to set the SX80 Mk II / SX800 projectors orientation for installation

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Placing in Front of the Screen

Place the projector in front of the screen.

  • Be sure to place the projector parallel to the screen to ensure distortion-free projections.
  • The screen must not be exposed to direct sunlight or light from lighting equipment. In a bright room, it is recommended to limit ambient lighting in order to improve the image quality.

Projected Image Size

The projected image size is determined by the distance between the projector and the screen (projection distance) as well as the zoom. For the relationship between the screen size and the projection distance, see also the table listed below for relationship between Screen Size and Projecting Distance"

Placing on a Level Place

Be sure to keep the projector as horizontal as possible. If you need to point the projector up (for example, when the screen is placed on a higher position), follow the instruction given in "When Pointing the Projector Up" on the following page.

  • Adjust the tilt of the projecting image using the rear adjustable foot.

Make sure that the installation position is free from any obstacle that may block the exhaust vent on the right side of the projector and the air intake vent on the bottom of the projector.

Ceiling Mounting or Rear Projection

You can mount the projector on the ceiling (Ceiling mounted) with it turned up side down or place it behind the screen (Rear) if you use a translucent screen. For ceiling mounting or rear projection, you have to invert the projected image.

When Pointing the Projector Up

When the screen is placed on a higher position, point the projector up using the adjustable foot.

You can point it up as far as 10 degrees.

The keystone distortion of the projecting image can be corrected with the auto keystone or by using the keystone distortion adjust function

1 Lift the front side of the projector and push the adjusting foot lock button to extend the adjustable foot.

2 Raise the image to the desired height angle, then release the button to lock the foot in place.

If Keystone Distortion is Too Large

If the keystone distortion is too large to adjust, adjust the projector height by, for example, placing it on a pedestal.



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