How to Connect the SX80 Mk II / SX800 Projector to AV Equipment

Article ID: ART131139 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 09/28/2015


Connecting to AV Equipment

Connect the projector and AV equipment.

Before connecting the cables, turn off the projector and AV equipment.

The description provided here is just examples. For more detailed information, refer to the manual for the connecting AV equipment.

Connecting to Digital Video Output Terminal (digital connection)

Connecting to Analog Video Output Terminal (analog connection)

Video cable (Input signal type: [VIDEO] or [S-VIDEO]

Connect the projector and AV equipment using a video or S-VIDEO cable that fits to the terminal type of the AV equipment.

The input signal type is [VIDEO] or [S-VIDEO].

Sound is common to [VIDEO] and [S-VIDEO].

[S-VIDEO] is supported only in SX80 MarkII.

Supplied component cable (Input signal type: [COMPONENT]

A Component video signal from AV equipment can be input to the projector by connecting the supplied component cable to the ANALOG PC-2/COMPONENT IN terminal of the projector.

Use a commercial component cable that fits to the terminal type of the AV equipment to connect the supplied component cable.

Outputting Audio to Speakers

It is possible to output sound of projected images to AV equipment or amplified speakers.



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