How to Select an Input Signal Type on the SX80 Mk II / SX800

Article ID: ART131148 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 09/28/2015


Selecting an Input Signal (INPUT)

Select an appropriate input signal in the [INPUT] menu if you want to project a digital PC or AV equipment signal or you connect multiple computers or AV equipment to receive their input signals.

Skip this step if you have not changed the input signal since the last projection.

Types of Input Signals

The table below shows the relationship among input signals supported by the projector, input terminals and connection cables.

Selecting an Input Signal

1 Press the INPUT button to pop up a window shown at the lower right.

The currently active input signal is marked with a circle and highlighted in orange. An input signal that is ready for projection is displayed in white. When no signal is received, it is displayed in gray. [HDMI], [DIGITAL PC], and [ANALOG PC-1] may be displayed in gray even if they are ready for projection.

When you select [USB] with no PictBridge enabled equipment or an USB flash memory connected and pressing the OK button, a window waiting for you to connect a Pict-Bridge enabled equipment or an USB flash memory appears. For more details, refer to "Projecting an Image from a Digital Camera (SX80 II)" or "Projecting Data on USB Flash Memory (SX80 II)

2 The selection is toggled through available input signal types by pressing the INPUT button.

  • You can select the target input signal with
  • Only the input signals displayed in white can be selected.

3 Press the OK button to determine the input signal type.

If no button is pressed in 4 seconds, the selected input signal type is chosen.



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