Setting the AF frame (Set the AF frame to Face Detect) with the PowerShot.

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When you set [AF Frame] to [Face Detect], the camera will recognize the face of the subject, and the [AF Frame] will start to follow the targeted face. This setting is useful when shooting portraits because the face can be easily brought into focus.

This section explains the process of setting [AF Frame] to [Face Detect].

  • As the actual locations of buttons / switches on cameras vary depending on the camera model, the illustrations that appear on this page may differ from your camera.
  • Screens or menu listings may differ depending on the camera model being used.
  • When the [Shooting Mode] is set to [AUTO] (), [AF Frame] will automatically be set to [Face AiAF]; therefore, it is not required to perform the following procedures.
  • If a face is not detected and only gray frames (no white frame) appear, the setting will change to [AiAF]. (From the nine AF frames, an [AF Frame] will be automatically selected to bring the image into focus.)
  • The following explanations are provided based on the assumption that the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Program] ().
  • In the following shooting modes, you cannot set the [Face AiAF]. - [Fireworks] (), [Stitch Assist] ()

1. Press the < Power > button on the camera.

2. Press the < MENU > () button.

3. The following screen appears.

Operate the < directional buttons > to select the [Shooting] () tab.

Operate the < directional buttons > to set [AF Frame] to [Face AiAF].

After the settings are completed, press the < MENU > () button.

When [Face AiAF] is set, the [AF Frame] will start to follow the targeted face.

With this setting, you can easily bring the face into focus and prevent the subject from becoming out of focus during shooting.



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