Use the Image Capture Driver for Scanners on a Mac

Article ID: ART131253 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 03/18/2020


Learn how to scan with the Image Capture driver that is a standard part of the MacOS.


You can scan from your Mac® using Apple Image Capture, which is included in the MacOS®.

Compare to TWAIN Driver

Refer to the table below to compare an ICA (Apple Image Capture) driver with the TWAIN driver (used by MP Navigator EX, etc).

Operation ICA driver TWAIN driver
Supported OS v10.6 only Up to v10.6 (depending on the model)
Supported application Apple Image Capture only TWAIN-supported application such as MP Navigator EX, etc.
Driver UI

(For changing the setting on scanner)

None Yes
Operation in Apple Image Capture Scanning Available Available
Scanning via network

For details, see Usages.

Available Not available
Scanning films Available Not available
Launch from the print queue.

For details, see Usages.

Available Not available


Scan from Apple Image Capture on a wireless network

  1. Launch Apple Image Capture.

  2. Select the device on the network. (The device name displays under SHARED).

  3. Select Scan.


Launch Apple Image Capture

  1. Select Print & Fax in the System Preferences window.

  2. When the System Preferences window opens, select Open Print Queue.

  3. When the print queue opens, select Scanner.

  4. When the Apple Image Capture window opens, select Scan.



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