Setting the white balance on the FS20, FS21, FS22, and FS200 camcorders

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Setting the white balance on the FS20, FS21, FS22, and FS200 camcorders


The white balance function helps you to accurately reproduce colors under different lighting conditions so that white objects will always look truly white in your recordings.

NOTE: The white balance cannot be set manually when the camcorder is set to a Special Scene recording mode.

White Balance Options

The camcorder automatically sets the white balance for natural-looking colors.
For recording outdoors on a bright day.
For recording under tungsten and tungsten type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting.
[ SET]
Use the custom white balance setting to make white subjects appear white under colored lighting.

To set the white balance mode:

  1. Press the <FUNC.> button.
  2. Press the joystick down select the white balance options.
  3. Press the joystick right or left to select the desired white balance option.
  4. Press the <FUNC.*> button.

When you select [], do not press the <FUNC.> button and instead continue with the following procedure.

To set the custom white balance

  1. Point the camcorder at a white object, zoom in until it fills the whole screen and press <SET>.
    - When the adjustment is completed, stops flashing and stays on. The camcorder retains the custom setting even if you turn off the camcorder.
  2. Press the <FUNC.> button to save the setting and close the menu.

NOTE: When you select the custom white balance.

  • Set the custom white balance in a sufficiently illuminated place.
  • Select a zoom type other than [2000x DIGITAL].
  • Reset the white balance when the lighting conditions change.
  • Depending on the light source, may keep flashing. The result will still be better than with [AWB AUTO].
  • Custom white balance may provide better results in the following cases:
    - Changing lighting conditions.
    - Close-ups
    - Subjects in a single color (sky, sea, or forest).
    - Under mercury lamps and certain types of fluorescent lights.



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