Using the various flash modes with the VIXIA HF S10 and HF S100

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Using the various flash modes with the VIXIA HF S10 and HF S100


You can use the flash to take photos in dark places.

List of the flash options

(Auto) The flash fires automatically according to the brightness of the subject
(red-eye reduction, auto) The flash fires automatically accoring to the brightness of the subject. The assist lamp lights up to reduce the red-eye effect.
(flash on) The flash always fires.
(flash off) The flash does not fire.

To adjust the flash settings please use the below procedure:

  1. Using the joystick press () to open the joystick guide.
  2. Using the joystick (,) select [ Flash] and press the <SET> button.
    - Press <SET> repeatedly to cycle between the flash modes.
    - The icon of the selected flash mode appears.
  3. Press the <PHOTO> button first halfway to activate the autofocus and the fully to take the photo.
    - Depending on the setting selected and shooting conditions, the flash will pop up and fire. After using the flash, gently press the pop-up flash down to close it.

Using the VFL-2 Video Flash Light

You can use the optional VFL-2 Video Flash light as an external flash when its [POWER] switch is set to [ ON]. The procedure for setting the external flash is the same as for the built-in flash.

Attach the optional VFL-2 Video Flash light to the mini advanced accessory shoe.

"S" appears one the camcorder's screen when you turn on the video flash light. For details about using the video flash light, refer to the instruction guide included with the VFL-2.

  • The flash will not fire in the following cases:
    - When you manually adjust the exposure in (auto) or (red-eye reduction) mode.
    - During auto exposure bracketing.
    - In the [* Fireworks] recording program.
    - When using the optional video light.
  • About the AF-Assist lamp: While you are pressing the <PHOTO> button halfway, if the surroundings of the subject are too dark, the mini video light may pop up and the assist lamp may light up briefly in order to enable the camcorder to focus more accurately (AF-Assist Lamp).
    - You can also set the [AF Assist Lamp] to [OFF] in the menu so the assist lamp is not activated.
    - The camcorder may not be able to focus even if the AF-Assist lamp is on.
  • The practical range of the flash is approx. 1 to 2 meters (3.3 to 6.6 feet). The practical range with the VFL-2 attached is approx. 1 to 4 meters (3.3 to 13.1 feet). In any case, the actual range will depend on the recording conditions.
  • The range of the flash decreases in continuous shooting mode.
  • For red-eye reduction to be effective, the subject needs to look at the assist lamp. The degree of reduction depends on the distance and on each individual.
  • The flash mode cannot be selected when the exposure is locked.
  • We recommend not using the flash while the optional Wide-converter or Tele-converter is attached as its shadow can appear on the screen.



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