Set the Ink Intensity (Windows) MP640

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Instructions to adjust the ink intensity settings in the Windows operating system.


Set the Ink Intensity (Windows)

The Intensity setting controls the amount of ink placed on the paper. The higher the intensity the darker (more ink) the printed image will be. If the Intensity setting is set too high, the printed page may become too wet and curl or streak. The coloring can be adjusted manually for all items, or automatically using ICM (Windows color correcting function). Follow the instructions below to adjust the ink intensity settings

1. Open the printer Properties window. (Click here for detailed instructions.)

Note: In Windows XP / Vista, click 'Printing Preferences' from the General tab of the Properties window. The images used are for a Canon PIXMA MP600 printer in the Windows XP Operating System. The options may appear differently than those displayed based on the printer, driver version and the Operating System.

2. On the Main tab, select 'Manual' for 'Color Adjustment', and then click 'Set'. (The Manual Color Adjustment window will be displayed.)

3. Adjust the desired settings for 'Intensity', 'Color Balance', 'Brightness' and 'Color Correction'.

4. Click 'OK' to complete the setup.

Note: To change the setting back to the default (original factory) settings, click 'Defaults'.

Manual Color Adjustment Dialog Box

This dialog box allows you to adjust the color balance by making changes to the settings in the Color Balance, Intensity, Contrast, and Brightness options.


Shows the effect of color adjustment.
The color and brightness change when the settings in the Manual Color Adjustment dialog box are changed. This function allows you to check the color adjustment status. You can use this function together with Original to compare the adjusted image with the image before the color adjustment.


Shows the status before the color adjustment. You can use this function together with Preview to compare the image before the color adjustment with the adjusted image.

Note: The graphic is in monochrome when the Grayscale Printing check box is checked.

Color Correction

Allows you to select the method for adjusting colors to match the type of document to be printed.

Driver Matching : Adjusts the colors with the printer driver during printing.

ICM (Windows Image Color Management) : Adjusts the colors by using the image color management function of Windows when printing.

None : Disables color adjustment with the printer driver.

Input Profile

Specifies the input profile to be used when you select ICM (Windows Image Color Management) for Color Correction.

Standard : The standard printer profile (sRGB), which supports the color space of ICM (Windows Image Color Management), is used. Normally select this setting.

Adobe RGB (1998) : The Adobe RGB profile, which supports a wider color space than sRGB, is used.

Note : Adobe RGB (1998) is not displayed when input profiles of Adobe RGB are not installed.

Color Balance

Adjusts the strength of each color.

Move the slider to the right to make each color stronger or to the left to make each color weaker. This adjustment changes the relative amount of ink of each color used, which alters the total color balance of the document. Use your application if you want to change the total color balance. Use the printer driver only if you adjust the color balance slightly.


Adjusts the overall intensity of your print. Moving the slider to the right increases the intensity and moving it to the left decreases the intensity.


Adjusts the contrast between light and dark in the image to be printed. Dragging the slider to the right increases the contrast, while dragging the slider to the left decreases the contrast.


Selects the brightness of your print. You cannot change the levels of pure white and black. However, the brightness of the colors between white and black can be changed.

The ICM (Windows Image Color Management) function for Color Correction does not work when the following settings are set:

- ICM is disabled with your application.

- Your application is incompatible with ICM.

When ICM is disabled with your application, printing may not be performed properly.

When Grayscale Printing is checked on the Main tab, Color Correction, Input Profile, and Color Balance appear grayed out and are unavailable.

Accessing the Printers Folder and Printer Properties


Windows 2000

  1. Click Start - Settings - Printers.
  2. Right-click on desired printer icon.
  3. Select Properties.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Printers and Faxes.
  3. Right-click on desired printer icon.
  4. Select Properties.

Windows Vista

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Printers in Hardware and Sound.
  4. Right-click on desired printer icon.
  5. Select Properties.



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