Remove foreign object or jammed document from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) - MX320

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This article will show you how to remove a foreign object or a document that is jammed in the ADF of the PIXMA MX320.



Document Jams in the ADF



When you turn off the machine to remove the jammed document, make sure of the following.


While the machine is receiving a fax (in memory), you cannot turn off the machine. Turn it off after receiving the fax. Do not disconnect the power cord while the machine is receiving a fax. If you disconnect the power cord, all the documents stored in memory are deleted.



The document remains in the ADF because the Stop button is pressed when the machine is scanning the document.

If you press the Stop button during scanning, "Document in ADF. Press OK to discharge document." appears on the LCD. Press the OK button so that the remaining document is automatically fed out.

Document jams in the ADF (Document Tray).

Remove the document following the procedure below.


(1) If printing is in progress, press the Stop button.


(2) Turn off the machine.


(3) If a multi-page document is loaded, remove any pages other than the jammed page from the ADF, then open the Document Feeder Cover.



(4) Pull out the jammed document from the ADF.



(5) Close the Document Feeder Cover, then turn on the machine.


When rescanning the document after clearing the error, rescan it from the first page.






The document may not feed properly depending on the media type, or your environment, such as when the temperature and humidity are either too high or too low.


In this case, reduce the number of document pages to approximately half of the loading capacity.


If the document still jams, use the Platen Glass instead.


Removing the jammed document from the Document Output Slot:


If the document is jammed in the Document Output Slot, open the Document Output Slot as shown in the figure below and pull out the document.

When rescanning the document after clearing the error, rescan it from the first page.

If you have removed the jammed document and the error remains, your printer will require servicing.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.



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