Maintaining Focus and Exposure on Moving Human Subjects with Servo AF with the PowerShot SX20 IS.
Article ID: ART132120 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


When the [Servo AF] mode is set to [On], the focus and exposure are continuously adjusted on human subjects while the < Shutter Button > is being pressed halfway. Using the [Servo AF] mode together with the [Face AiAF] function, you can shoot moving human subjects with optimal focus and exposure.

  • The camera may not be able to focus in some conditions.
  • If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed and aperture value display in orange. Release your finger from the < Shutter Button >, then press it again halfway.
  • You cannot shoot with the AF lock in this mode.
  • [AF-Point Zoom] in the Shooting tab () of the < MENU > () is not available.
  • Not available in Self-Timer.
  • The following explanations are provided based on the assumption that the [Shooting Mode] is set to [Program AE] ().
  • [Servo AF] is not available in the following modes: - [AUTO]* (), [Fireworks] (), [Stitch Assist] (), [Movie] ()

    * When the face of a moving subject is detected and an icon that indicates motion (such as or , etc.) appears in the upper right of the LCD monitor, [Servo AF] is automatically set to [On].

Setting [Servo AF]

1. Press the < Power > button on the camera.

2. Press the < MENU > () button.

3. The following screen appears.

Operate the < directional buttons > to select the [Shooting] tab ().

Operate the < directional buttons > to set [Servo AF] to [On].

After making these settings, press the < MENU > () button.

4. Then, set [AF Frame] to [Face AiAF].

Shooting with the [Face AiAF] function

5. Point the camera at a person.

A white frame () appears over the detected face.

6. Press the < Shutter Button > halfway.

The [AF Frame] appears over the detected face.

If the face is not detected, the [AF Frame] appears in the center of the screen.

7. Keep the < Shutter Button > pressed halfway down.

Even if the human subject moves, the focus and exposure is automatically readjusted.

8. Press the < Shutter Button > fully to shoot.