Printing the On-screen Manual

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Printing the On-screen Manual


Printing the On-screen Manual

For information on printing some or all of the documents in the On-screen Manual, click the link "Printing This Manual" which is found at the top of the title page when you open the manual.

*ex. - Title page from MX860.

  1. Click to display the print pane to the left of the on-screen manual.

  2. On the Document Selection tab, click the down-arrow below Select Target and select from the following:
    • Current Document
      You can print the currently displayed document.

      Note: Click Print linked documents check box, to print documents that are linked to the current document. The linked documents are added to the Documents to Be Printed list.

    • Selected Documents
      You can select and print the documents that you want printed.
    • My Manual
      You can select and print documents registered in My Manual.
    • All Documents
      The titles of all documents are displayed in the Documents to Be Printed list, and the check boxes are automatically selected.

      • A large amount of paper is necessary to print all documents. Before printing, be sure to check the number of print pages displayed in the Print Page Count Confirmation dialog box.
      • The Print Preview dialog box allows you to scale the printing to the paper width or to set the zoom rate. However, if the print data extends outside the paper because of the new zoom rate, that portion of the document will not be printed on the paper.

  3. For any of the options selected in step two, except Current Document, select the documents to print by placing a check in the appropriate box.

  4. Click Start Printing.

  5. Execute print.
    Confirm the number of pages to be printed, and then click Yes.



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