Clean the scanning glass and rollers.

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Clean the glass and rollers. If lines still appear on the image even after cleaning the scanning glass and rollers, the scanning glass inside the scanner may be scratched and the scanner may require service.

The retard roller and roller unit are consumable components. You need to replace the retard roller and roller unit when cleaning does not appear to improve performance.

  1. Carefully open the upper unit until it stops.

    When opening the upper unit, do not grasp the roller unit in the center. Doing so may distort the rollers and lead to feeding errors.

    The location of the sensor glass and various rollers are shown below.

  2. Use compressed air to keep the interior of the scanner free of dust and paper particles.

  3. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe dirt off the sensor glass.
    Wipe the top and bottom sensor glasses.

    Scratches on the sensor glass may cause marks on the images and could cause feeding errors. If there are scratches on the sensor glass, your scanner will require service by your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative.

  4. Dampen a cloth with water, wring it out thoroughly, and then wipe the rollers of the upper unit while turning them.
    Do not try to turn the rollers in the lower part of the scanner. Clean these roller simply by wiping the exposed part.

    Do not use detergent to clean the rollers, since any detergent remaining on the rollers could cause a feeding error.
    Do not try to turn the rollers in the lower part of the scanner. Turning these rollers by force may damage them and lead to feeding errors.

  5. Remove the roller unit by pushing the roller lock lever down.

  6. While supporting the roller unit with your hand, slide the roller lock lever to the right.

  7. Move the roller unit to the right and then pull it out .

  8. Clean the roller unit the same way that you cleaned the scanner rollers above.

  9. Reinstall the roller unit by aligning the cutout on the roller unit with the shaft pin on the main unit.

    If the cutout and pin do not fit, rotate the roller until the parts are properly matched.

  10. Slide the roller lock lever to the left and raise the roller unit into position.

  11. Push the roller lock lever up to lock the roller unit.

  12. Remove the retard roller by first inserting a finger of each hand into the grooves on ends of the roller cover and remove the cover.

  13. Move the roller lock lever down and forward and then slide it to the right .

  14. Shift the retard roller to the right to remove it.

  15. Clean the retard roller the same way that you cleaned the scanner rollers above.

  16. To reinsert the retard roller, position it so that the notch in the roller is facing the scanner's shaft.

  17. Slide the roller lock lever to the left, and insert it into the retard roller slot.

  18. Push the roller lock lever towards the back of the scanner to lock the retard roller into place.

  19. Replace the roller cover.

  20. Push the center of the roller cover down and make sure that it clicks into place.

  21. Close the upper unit slowly. Make sure that the upper unit is completely closed by pushing on edges with hands until you hear a click.

    When closing the upper unit, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.

    Do not force the upper unit to close. Doing so may damage the scanner.



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