How to access the Settings Title Page for the VB-C60
Article ID: ART132540 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to access the Settings Title Page for the VB-C60


When you access VB-C60 for the first time, please refer to the Start Guide comes with VB-C60.


In this guide, the IP address "" (factory default setting) is used to explain how to operate the camera. In actual operation, use the IP address that you set in your VB-C60.

Access Camera's Top Page

1. Access in the Web browser

2. The camera's top page appears

The overview of each link is as follows.

1 Language button - Click this button to change the language to be displayed.

2 Link to Setting Page (Setting Menu) - Click this link to display the setting menus.

3 Link to Sample Pages - Click this link for sample images.

4 Link to VB-C60 viewer - Click to start the VB-C60 viewer that displays video from VB-C60 in the Web browser.

The VB-C60 viewer includes two viewers:

"Admin Viewer" and "VB Viewer"

  • Explanation of each link

Admin Viewer - Click to start Admin Viewer.

VB Viewer - Click to start VB Viewer.

NOTE: To access the camera from outside your local network you may need to make adjustments to your network router to forward HTTP: port 80 from your global IP address to the cameras local IP address. Please consult with your NAT/Router mfgr. for information regarding these operations.