Recording in Progressive Scan mode with the Elura camcorder

Article ID: ART132584 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Recording in Progressive Scan mode with the Elura camcorder


The progressive scan mode can be used when you want to look at a video, scene by scene, free from field slippage (the "blurring" that normally occurs when you pause a video). During playback, pause the video any time you like to view a crystal clear still image in the display or on a connected TV screen. It is also possible to transfer your favorite still pictures to a PC for image enhancement and print out.

  1. Switch the power switch lock lever to the right to unlock it.
  2. Turn the POWER switch, set to P. SCAN (progressive scan).
    - The power indicator lights up in red.
    - PRO.SCAN appears in the display.
  3. Press the start/stop button to begin recording.
    - When you finish recording, return the lock lever to the left.
  • Progressive scan video may appear slightly jerky during normal playback.
  • Some recording conditions may be more suitable for MOVIE than P. SCAN.



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