Features of the Multimedia Projector SX7/ SX7 Mk II / SX6/SX60/X700

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Features of the Multimedia Projector SX7/ SX7 Mk II / SX6/SX60/X700


Features of the Multimedia Projector SX7/SX6/SX60/X700

Major Features

Smooth and Beautiful Imaging Capability

  • Incorporation of AISYS, Canon's unique optical engine, and LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) achieves high brightness, high contrast ratio, and smooth and beautiful lattice-free images.

High Brightness of 4000 Lumen (SX7/X700)

  • This projector provides high brightness of the best-in-class* 4000 lumen.

* Portable projectors less than 5 kg.

Super-Silent Operation of 27dB* (SX60)

  • This projector achieves super-silence operation as low as 27dB which creates a comfortable atmosphere where you can concentrate on watching a movie.

* At a silent mode.

Native SXGA+ Resolution (SX7/ SX7 Mk II / SX6/SX60)

  • Native SXGA+ resolution (1400 by 1050 dots) ensures projection of a high-quality image in a wider projection area with a high degree of resolution.

* X700 supports native XGA resolution (1024 by 768 dots).

High-powered 1.7X Zoom Lens

  • 1.7X zoom aspheric lens can project a 100-inch image when placed 3 m (9.8') to 4.9 m (16.0') away.

"Auto Setup Function" for Easy Installation

  • The "Auto Setup Function" allows you to install the projector easily by automatically adjusting focus and keystone distortion.

Adobe©RGB Color Space Compatibility (SX7/ SX7 Mk II / SX6)

  • AdobeRGB color space compatibility achieves faithful color reproduction.

"Home Cinema" Mode Reproducing the Atmosphere of a Movie Theater (SX60)

  • You can reproduce the atmosphere of a full-scale movie theater in your home by selecting "Home Cinema" from the image mode.

"Off and Go" Function Allowing the Carriage Immediately After the Use

  • You can carry the projector immediately after the use because the cooling fan keeps rotating even if the power cord is removed from the electrical outlet.

Compact and Easy-to-use Wireless Remote Control

  • It comes with a wireless remote control which allows you to control all functions of this projector.

Various Image Modes for a Particular Use of Your Projector (SX7 II)

When projecting a digital still photo image or an image that has been processed on an sRGB-compatible monitor, you can project the image with higher tone on the screen by incorporating the appropriate image correction function for the particular lighting environment.

It is useful when projecting the image in a photo studio, portrait studio, wedding reception hall, art museum, gallery, etc.



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