How to Set VC-C1 Mode and VC-C3 Mode Setting Menu on the VC-C4 / VC-C4R via the Wireless Remote Control

Article ID: ART132662 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


VC-C1 Mode and VC-C3 Mode Setting Menu

Use this procedure to set the COMMAND setting for using the VC-C4/VC-C4R in Canon Communication Camera VC-C1 mode or VC-C3 mode (© P.28). When you set COMMAND to VC-C1 mode or VC-C3 mode, some of the setting menus and specifications change, as shown below.


  • REMOTE CONTROLLER ID in the SET MENU and AE REFERENCE in the AE SETTING are only enabled in VC-C3 mode and do not appear in the VC-C1 mode.
  • If you press the button after changing the mode, the screen momentarily goes blank. This is not a fault. Also, when you change modes, all the stored preset positions are cleared and the range of camera head movement reverts to the default values in each mode.
  • The range of pan/tilt/zoom movement in VC-C1 mode corresponds to that available on the VC-C1 itself.



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