Handling precautions for the WUX10 Projector.

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Handling precautions for the WUX10 Projector.


Safety Precautions


  • This projector projects intense light from the projection lens. Do not stare directly into the lens if possible, as doing so may result in eye damage. Be especially careful that children do not stare directly into the beam.
  • Install the projector in an appropriate position. Installing the projector in an inappropriate position may result in a fire hazard.
  • Allow for appropriate space above beside and behind of the projector cabinet for allowing air circulation and cooling of the projector. Minimum clearances must be maintained. If the projector is to be built into a compartment or similarly space, the minimum distances must be maintained. Do not cover the ventilation slot on the projector. Heat build-up can reduce the service life of your projector, and can also be dangerous.

  • Do not put any flammable objects or spray cans near the projector, as the hot air exhausted from the ventilation holes may result in an explosion.
  • If the projector is not to be used for an extended period of time, unplug it from the power outlet.

Installation Precautions

The area around the exhaust vent and the cabinet above the exhaust vent become hot when the projector is operating.

  • Do not touch these areas, or you may get burnt. In particular, keep children away from these areas. Do not put anything that may deform or discolor due to heat on the projector.

Hot air is exhausted from the exhaust vent. Observe the following:

  • Do not put any metallic object on the projector. It may become hot, resulting in accident or injury.
  • Do not put anything such as a plant pot near the exhaust vent.
  • Do not put anything near the exhaust vent that may deform or deteriorate due to heat.
  • Do not seat anyone near the exhaust vent.

When placing the projector on a castered stand or table, be sure to lock the casters.

  • Failure to do so may cause the projector to move or topple, resulting in an injury.

Position the projector in a horizontal position.

  • Install the projector correctly. Incorrect installation may cause troubles and accidents.
  • Do not tilt the projector more than 20 degrees above and below the horizontal.

  • When you want to use your projector pointing up or down, make sure to place the projector straight up or down.
  • Do not install the projector vertically.

Do Not Use in the Following Environments

  • Do not place the projector on an unstable or slanted surface. The projector may fall causing a personal injury.
  • Do not place it in an oily, smoky, or damp location (e.g., near a cooking table or a humidifier). It may cause a fire or an electric shock.
  • Do not place it near an exhaust outlet of air-conditioning equipment.

Do not install the projector in a humid or dusty location or a position where there is a lot of oily or cigarette smoke. Optical parts such as a lens and mirror may be stained, resulting in poor picture quality.

If the projector is carried from a cold place to a warm place or the room temperature is raised rapidly, condensation may form on the lens and mirror due to the moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in a blurred picture. Wait until condensation evaporates and normal picture is shown.

Do not use the projector in a place subject to either very high or very low temperatures. Doing so may cause malfunction. The ranges of the operating and storage temperatures are as shown below:

Operating temperature: +5°C to +35°C (Humidity: 85% or below)

Storage temperature: -10°C to +60°C (Humidity: 90% or below)

Using the Projector at 2300 Meters or More Above Sea Level

  • If you use the projector at 2300 meters or more above sea level, the special configuration is required to cool down the projector properly. Contact your dealer.



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