How do I Clean and Replace the Air Filter on the LV-X4 / LV-7230

Article ID: ART132690 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How do I Clean and Replace the Air Filter on the LV-X4 / LV-7230


Cleaning the Air Filters

Air filters prevent dust from accumulating on the surface of the optical elements inside the projector. Should the air filters become clogged with dust particles, it will reduce cooling fans' effectiveness and may result in heat build up and adversely affect the life of the projector. Clean the air filters following the steps below.

1 Turn off the projector, and disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet.

2 Turn the projector upside down and remove the air filters by pulling the latches upward.

3 Clean the air filters with a brush or rinse them softly.

4 When cleaning the air filters by rinsing, dry them well. Replace the air filters properly. Make sure that the air filters are fully inserted.


Do not operate the projector with the air filters removed. Dust may accumulate on the LCD panel and the projection mirror degrading picture quality. Do not put small parts into the air intake vents. It may result in malfunction of the projector.


We recommend avoiding dusty/smoky environments when operating the projector. Usage in these environments may cause poor image quality. When using the projector under dusty or smoky conditions, dust may accumulate on a lens, LCD panels, or optical elements inside the projector. This condition may degrade the quality of a projected image. When the symptoms above are noticed, contact your authorized dealer or service station for proper cleaning.



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