How the Computer System Selection works on the LV-X2 Projector

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How the Computer System Selection works on the LV-X2 Projector


Computer System Selection

This projector can detect most of the current computer systems with the Multi-scan system and the Auto PC adjustment function provided in the projector. When selecting computer input, the projector automatically displays the most proper image for the input signal. One of the following four displays appears on the system menu icon. If the projector does not tune the input signal and the projected image is not displayed properly, or when you wish to adjust it manually, perform manual adjustment

AUTO - When the projector cannot recognize the connected signal as PC system provided in this projector, the Auto PC Adjustment function operates to adjust the projector and the message "Auto" is displayed in the PC System Menu icon. When the image is not provided properly, manual adjustment is required.

- - - - - There is no signal input from the connected computer. Check the connection of the computer and see if the projector is set correctly.

MODE 1 - User preset adjustment in Computer Adjustment. Adjustment data can be stored in Mode 1 - 5.

SVGA 1 - Computer systems provided in the projector. The projector chooses a proper system and displays it.

*Mode 1 and SVGA 1 are examples.

PC system can also be selected manually if some PC systems appear on the On-Screen Menu.

1. Press the MENU button and the On-Screen Menu will appear. Press the Point Left/Right buttons to move the red frame pointer to the PC System Menu icon.

2. Press the Point Down button to move the red arrow pointer to the system that you want to set, and then press the SET button. 2



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