List of software bundled with the VB-C500

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List of software bundled with the VB-C500


 The VB-C500D comes with the software specified below.

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VB Initial Setting Tool Ver. 5.0

VB Initial Setting Tool is for initial setting of the VB-C500D. It is installed from Setup CD-ROM. Users other than Administrators need not install this tool.










VBAdmin Tools Ver. 5.0 (Overview of VBAdmin Tools in Operation Guide)

VBAdmin Tools are for visually setting motion detection and for displaying logs taken by the camera. It is installed from Setup CD-ROM. Users other than Administrators need not install this tool.













VB-C500 Viewer Ver. 1.0 (Overview of VB-C500 Viewer in Operation Guide)

VB-C500D Viewer is for displaying video captured by this camera and controlling the camera. Three users can be set according to the camera control rights, including [Administrator], [Authorized Users] and [Guest Users]. This tool is already built into the camera and need not be installed beforehand ( P. 2-4). JPEG video captured by the VB-C500D can be displayed. To display MPEG-4 video, install VK-Lite Viewer











Note: To use the camera with VBAdmin Tools for the VB-C60, VB-C300 or VB-C50 series, install VBAdmin Tools for the VB-C50 series first, and then install VB-C300, install VB-C60, and finally install VBAdmin Tools bundled with the camera.

Tip: VB Initial Setting Tool Ver. 5.0 can be used commonly with the VB-C60, VB-C300 and VB-C50 series.


Network Video Recorder VK-Lite v2.1 (Setup Guide)

VK-Lite v2.1, which is a simplified version of the optional "Network Video Recorder VK-64/VK-16 v2.1"), is included in the package. VK-Lite consists of the following two software programs:










Software Configuration of VK-Lite






VK-Lite Storage Server and VK-Lite Viewer can also be installed in, and run on, the same PC.

VK-Lite Viewer can also be used independently, without connecting to VK-Lite Storage Server.








































Note: For details on the operating methods and function limitations pertaining to VK-Lite, refer to the Setup Guide and Administrator's Manual.

Tip: With VK-Lite, multiple storage servers cannot be registered. However, this function can be utilized if the optional VK-64 Viewer is used. Up to 10 units of VK-Lite Storage Server can be centrally managed and operated.

Comparison of Two Viewers

The VB-C500D has two viewers. The key differences are specified below.

















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