How to restore the VB-C60 to the default settings.

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How to restore the VB-C60 to the default settings.


Restore the Factory Default Settings

Since VB-C60 supports various functions, it is recommended to take a note of each setting value. If you need to redo settings from the beginning because you have forgotten them or for some other reasons, restore the factory default settings.

Restore the Factory Default Settings from the Maintenance Menu Using a Web Browser

1. Start a Web browser and access the camera's setting page The camera's IP address, user name and administration password are required to display the setting page
2. Click "Maintenance" on the setting page The Maintenance page is displayed.
3. Click "Restore" in the "Restore Settings" submenu A message of whether to restore the factory default settings is displayed for confirmation. Click "OK" to restore the factory default settings.

4. All settings in the camera will be returned to the factory default settings All settings will be restored to the factory default settings, except camera's administrator password, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address, date and time, time zone, LAN interface, maximum transmission unit, and IPv6 use. The camera will be automatically rebooted after the restoring process.


  • Never power off the camera while the restore operation is in progress. If turning off before completion, the camera may not work properly.
  • Once you click "OK", the process cannot be cancelled.

Initialize the Camera using the Reset Switch

If you have forgotten the IP address or Administrator password of VB-C60, you cannot control the camera via the network. In this case, press the reset switch on the rear of the camera.

1. Power off the camera

For information on how to power on/off the camera, refer to "Turning ON / OFF"

2. Switch on the camera with holding down the reset switch, then keep holding the reset switch for at least 5 seconds The reset switch is recessed from the rear panel. Use a thin tipped object to press the reset switch. All settings will be initialized.


If you use the reset switch to initialize VB-C60, all the settings including the network related settings (IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address) will be initialized. Therefore, you cannot use the camera from the PC connected to the camera via the network after reset. Set the IP address for your environment using "VB Initial Setting Tool v4.0" installed in the PC when initializing the camera



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