Powering on the PowerShot SX1 IS.

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Powering on the PowerShot SX1 IS.


Turning the Power On

Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the indicator lights green.

• Once the power button is pressed the start-up sound will play and the start-up image will display in the LCD monitor. The power lamp will light green.

• Pressing the power button again turns the power off.

• To switch to the setting that mutes all sounds (except for the warning sound), press and hold the DISP. button while pressing the power button.

To Turn the Power Off

Press the ON/OFF button again.

To Turn the Power on in Playback Mode

Press (Playback) playback on the camera to power the camera on.

  • Once the power is on in either shooting or playback you can move freely between shooting and playback.

  • If the Card locked! message appears right after the power is turned on, the SD card cannot record. In this instance please remove the SD memory card and change the direction of the lock switch on the memory card.
  • The Date/Time menu will appear the first time the camera power is turned on or whenever the date / time battery charge is low. Replace the date / time battery when this occurs.
  • If the power saving function activates, press the ON/OFF button to restore power.
  • You will hear a start-up sound and see the start-up image when the power is turned on.
  • The start-up image does not display when the camera is connected to a TV via the A/V OUT terminal.



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