How to Connect to Other Image Input Devices with the DZ-3600U

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How to Connect to Other Image Input Devices with the DZ-3600U


Connecting to Other Image Input Devices

The DZ-3600U has the ability to connect to other image input devices and throughput the data to a video monitor or projector.

Among its other uses, this function allows you to show the contents of a video tape or the video feed from another camera during a presentation without having to change equipment.

!!! Important !!!

  • The video feed from an external input device cannot be output to a computer.
  • If the external input device is connected via an S video cable, the output can only be routed through the S video output port. The video output port will not work in this case. Similarly, input through a BNC video cable must be output through the video output port. Accordingly, ensure that the cable you use between the DZ-3600U and the video monitor or projector is the same type as that used between the DZ-3600U and the external input device.


  • Up to two external input de vices may be connected at one time . If devices are connected, the video feed can be freely switched between that of the DZ-3600U, De vice 1 and De vice 2.
  • See Displaying Images from External Input Devices for an explanation of the operating procedures for these devices .
  • The DZ-3600U is not equipped with audio functions . Accordingly , the audio portion of a video tape played on a VCR must be routed through the VCR's audio out ports to a separate amplifier or audio system.

Connecting to an External Input Device



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