How to Interface with PowerPoint via the DZ-3600 Remote

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How to Interface with PowerPoint via the DZ-3600 Remote


Interfacing with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows can also be controlled with the remote control.

Switching between Application Programs

When Presentation Software is running, the remote control can be used to switch between it and the PowerPoint window if that window was the active window immediately prior to Presentation Software.


  • The following is an example of the procedures for switching to and from a PowerPoint slide show.

1. Start DZ-3600U Presentation Software.

2. Minimize the Presentation Software window by clicking the ( ) button in the window's upper right.

3. Open the PowerPoint presentation file.

4. Start the PowerPoint slide show.

5. Press the [APP] button on the remote control to switch program windows.

Controlling Slides

You can use the remote control to control the display of slides (pages) in PPA-compliant application programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Make sure that the desired slide show (in PowerPoint) or file has been selected in the PPA-compliant application.


  • This function can be used in situations similar to the following example. The presenter presses the [APP] button to switch from Presentation Software to PowerPoint. The presenter explains various slides, moving back and forth in the PowerPoint slide show with the [FWD and [REV] buttons. The presenter then presses the [APP] button to return to Presentation Software and continue the presentation with real-time imaging.
  • The [ ] and [ ] cursor buttons can also be used instead of the [REV] button and the [ ] and [ ] buttons instead of the [FWD] button.



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