List of software bundled with the DZ-3600U

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List of software bundled with the DZ-3600U


The Two Programs to Install

The software installed onto your computer with the setup utility includes DZ-3600U Presentation Software, an application program, and DZ-3600U TWAIN Driver, a driver for capturing images.

DZ-3600U Presentation Software

This application program assists in creating effective full-featured presentations with the DZ-3600U Digital Document Camera. It allows you to adjust the size and brightness of the high-definition still images captured by the camera for display with a projector or other device. Because you can capture any number of images in advance, and even switch between application programs on the fly, your presentations will progress smoothly and naturally. Moreover, most of the functions can be operated with the remote control, which can be easily managed by virtually anyone.


Presentation Software also works with Primary Presentation Application (PPA) compliant application programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, making it possible to achieve even more dynamic presentations

The ( ) butt on at the top right of the window can be used to temporarily minimize the Presentation Software window on the Windows desktop.

To restore it, click the DZ-3600U Presentation Software icon on the Windows taskbar .

DZ-3600U TWAIN Driver

This driver software is for use within standard image processing (graphics) application programs to capture still images from the DZ-3600U. This driver allows you to use the graphics programs with which you are the most familiar to operate the DZ-3600U as a three-dimensional scanner.

!!! Important !!!

Application programs must be TWAIN-compliant (TWAIN_32) to be used with the DZ-3600U TWAIN Driver.



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