How to use the Panorama Creation Tool in the VB-C60 Software

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How to use the Panorama Creation Tool in the VB-C60 Software


Panorama Creation Tool

This tool is used to create a panorama image displaying the full view of the area covered by VB-C60. When using VB-C60 Viewer to perform pan, tilt, or zoom as well as define presets, you can see, at a glance, which part of the entire viewing area is currently covered.

1. Show Registered Panorama Image button - Displays panorama image registered in VB-C60.

2. Register Panorama Image button - Register panorama image currently displayed in panorama creation tool.

3. Display Camera model and Capture Date - Displays the model of camera currently connected and the date when the panorama image was captured, if it has already been captured.

4. Display Panorama image - Displays the panorama image that was captured.

5. Capture button - Captures panorama image.

6. Remove Image button - Delete a captured panorama image.

7. Position of AE Lock - Switch the AE lock position between the center of the panorama image and current camera position. The AE lock function is used to capture image based on exposure level set on the specified position.

8. Indoor dome housing (VB-RD51S) - Check this option to prevent VB-C60 from capturing areas obstructed by the optional indoor dome housing (VB-RD51S).

Capture Panorama Image

1. Click "Capture" to start capturing Change the AE lock position as required. Check the Indoor dome housing (VB-RD51S) option if you are using the optional indoor dome housing.

To stop capturing while it is in progress, click "Stop".
2. After capturing is completed, click "OK" to accept the image To capture the image again, click "Recapture". Or, a square section in the displayed grid can be captured again by double-clicking on that section. Click "Cancel" to discard the captured image.


Image Stabilizer is canceled temporarily, while Panorama Creation Tool is capturing an image.

Register/Delete Panorama Image

After capturing a panorama image, send it to VB-C60 and register it to reflect the image.

To "Register" the Panorama Image ...

Click "Register Panorama Image"

Panorama image is registered.

To Delete...

Click "Remove Image" and then click "Resister Panorama Image" The panorama image registered in VB-C60 is deleted.


After registering the panorama image, VB-C60 automatically reboots and disconnects from the VB Admin Tools. A dialog box asking whether or not to reconnect to VB-C60 appears after VB-C60 restarts. Click "OK" to reconnect to the camera.


Reconnections when a connection with VB-C60 has been cut.

Select "Reconnect" from the File menu bar

Open/Save Panorama Image from/to Image File

You can open an image file as a panorama image, or save a panorama image as an image file. Only JPEG format images created by the Panorama Creation Tool can be used.

How To open

Select "Open" from the File menu bar and select the desired image file in the displayed dialog

How To Save

Select "Save" from the File menu bar and select a folder to save the image, then enter its file name



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