Download and run the "Delete Tool for Firmware Update Tool".

Article ID: ART133178 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


If the Firmware Update Tool is interrupted or the PC is rebooted during the time when the screen is blank (see below), you may not be able to reinstall or uninstall the Firmware Update Tool.

"Delete Tool for Firmware Update Tool" (for Windows x32 and Windows x64) has been created to correct this. Download the file ("FDT-Win-100.EXE" or "FDT-Win64-100.EXE") from the web site:

Once the file has been downloaded, unzip the file (preferably to your desktop). Double-click on the newly created folder and you will see the file "FUTdelete32.exe" or "FUTdelete64.exe". Run this file. This will correct the registry entries required to let you run the Firmware Update Tool CD-ROM again.

Precautions for installation

During installation of Windows version Firmware Update Tool, depending on the specs of the PC using, the screen may stop for a few minutes. In such case, please keep waiting. The problem tends to occur particularly in the Firmware Update Tool included in the CD bundled with the printhead, which is loaded with a lot of firmware. It rarely happens in Firmware Update Tool uploaded on the Web, which contains firmware for just 1 model.

Example of down time in Firmware Update Tool included in the CD bundled with the printhead (contains firmware for 12 models)

- CPU: Pentium4 1.40GHz, 521MB RAM, OS: Microsoft Windows 2000: approx. 1 min
- CPU: Celeron 1GHz, 384MB RAM, OS: Microsoft Windows XP: approx. 5 mins

Precautions for version upgrade

During the upgrading of the firmware, please do not turn off the power of the printer. Once firmware files are received, the printer automatically overwrites the firmware and reboots. If the power is turned off during this period, ex. by unplugging the power plug from the outlet, the writing of the firmware would fail, and a checksum error (E196-4040) will occur.



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