Attaching a Cover Sheet (Mac Fax Driver)

Article ID: ART133232 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


Provides instruction on how to attach a cover sheet on Mac


Follow the instructions below to attach a Cover sheet to a document you are going to fax.

1. From the [File] menu of the application software, select [Print].


2. Select the fax you are using from [Printer] in the [Print] dialog box.

3. Select [Cover Sheet] preferences pane.


4. In the [Cover Sheet Attachment:] drop down select one of the following:

  • None -  No cover sheet will be attached.
  • Different Sheet to Each Recipient
  • Same Sheet to All Recipient


5. Choose a template in the [Style:] list.


6. Click [Item Settings].

7. Adjust the items in each tab of the [Item Settings] screen as needed.

[Labels and Comments]










8. Click [OK].

9. Continue making the additional fax settings, then click [Print] to send the fax.

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