Using Metadata

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Using Metadata



The camcorder automatically adds metadata to clips while they are being recorded. You can use the supplied Canon XF Utility software to check and search for specific metadata. You can also create and transfer a user memo remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application


Setting a User Memo Created with Canon XF Utility

Before you can add a user memo, you must first install the supplied Canon XF Utility software. Next, create the user memo and then save it to an SD card. Once you insert the SD card in the camcorder and select the user memo, it will be added to clips you record.

For details on using the supplied software, refer to the instruction manual that is installed with the Canon XF Utility software

1 Use Canon XF Utility to save a user memo to an SD card.

  • For details, refer to Managing User Memo Profiles in the Canon XF Utility Instruction Manual.

2 Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the camcorder.

3 Open the metadata [Setting] submenu.

[Other Functions] > [Set Metadata] > [Setting]

4 Select [SD Card] and then press SET.

5 Open the [User Memo] submenu.

[Other Functions] > [Set Metadata] > [User Memo]

6 Select the file name of the desired user memo and then press SET.

  • The Q icon appears on the right of the screen.
  • Select [Off] to record clips without a user memo.


  • After you set a user memo, do not remove the SD card while you are recording. If the SD card is removed, the user memo will not be added to the clip.
  • You must set the user memo before you start recording for it to be added to the clip. You cannot change the user memo already added to a clip using the camcorder but you can do so with the Canon XF Utility software.

Setting a User Memo Using Wi-Fi Remote

After completing the necessary preparations you create a user memo profile and transfer it to the camcorder from a Wi-Fi-enabled device using the Wi-Fi Remote application. Using the Wi-Fi Remote application you have two additional advantages over user memos created with Canon XF Utility: you can change the user memo of the last clip recorded, even if you did not specify a user memo in advance; and you can enter manually the GPS information of your shooting location.

1 Press the [Metadata Input] tab on the Wi-Fi Remote screen.

2 Press [ Activate].

  • Alternatively, on the camcorder, you can set [w Other Functions] > [Set Metadata] > [Setting] to [Remote].

3 Fill the necessary user memo and GPS information fields.

  • You can press [Clear] to clear the information entered into each field.

4 Press one of the transfer options to transfer the metadata to the camcorder.

  • [Metadata correctly transferred] will be displayed on the Wi-Fi Remote screen and the metadata will be transferred and applied to the clips on the camcorder.

5 Press to close the message.


 [Apply from Next]: Adds the metadata you set in Wi-Fi Remote to all clips recorded after the transfer.

[Overwrite Prev.]: Only available after recording a clip. Adds the metadata you set in Wi-Fi Remote to all clips recorded after the transfer and also to the last clip recorded (overwriting any user memo that may have been recorded previously with the clip).

[Overwrite]: Only available while recording a clip. Adds the metadata you set in Wi-Fi Remote to the clip that is being recorded (overwriting any previous user memo). It will also add this metadata to all clips recorded after the transfer



  • The metadata sent to the camcorder from Wi-Fi Remote will be lost in the following cases.
    • If the camcorder was turned off.
    • If the [w Other Functions] > [Set Metadata] > [Setting] setting was changed.
  • • Metadata sent to the camcorder from Wi-Fi Remote will not be added to relay clips recorded before the switch to the current CF card.

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