Adjusting the Audio Level from the MIC Terminal

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Adjusting the Audio Level from the MIC Terminal


You can adjust the audio recording level of a microphone attached to the MIC terminal to auto or manual. You can set the audio level manually within a range of 0 to 99.

1 Open the [MIC Mode] submenu.

[] > [Audio Input] > [MIC Mode]

2 Select [Automatic] or [Manual] and then press SET.

  • If you selected [Automatic], you do not need to perform the rest of the procedure. If you selected [Manual], continue the procedure to set the microphone’s audio recording level.

3 Open the [MIC Level] submenu.

[] > [Audio Input] > [MIC Level]

4 Use the joystick () or SELECT dial to set the audio recording level and then press SET.

  • As a guideline, adjust the audio recording level so that the audio level meter on the screen or rear panel will go to the right of the 18 dB mark only occasionally.


  • When adjusting the audio level manually, you can activate the audio peak limiter with the [] > [Audio Input] > [Limiter] setting. When activated, the audio peak limiter will limit the amplitude of audio input signals when they exceed -4 dBFS.
  • We recommend using headphones when adjusting the audio level. If the input level is too high, audio may become distorted even if the audio level indicator shows an appropriate level.
  • If you set an assignable button to [Audio Level], you can press the button to turn the onscreen audio level indicator on and off.

Activating the Microphone’s Attenuator

If the audio level is too high and the sound sounds distorted, activate the microphone attenuator (20 dB).

1 Open the [MIC Att.] submenu.

[Audio Setup] > [Audio Input] > [MIC Att.]

2 Select [On] and then press SET.


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